Having such little time to myself, being a working mom of two, I find the hour of pure stress free relaxation necessary for my mental and physical health. I love going to Cindy’s office as it’s my sanctuary from the stresses of home and work!  – Cecilia 36

“It has been my good fortune to have met Cindy. She has massaged me two to three times a week for the past two years. I have enjoyed her massage which has aided me immensely with my mobility. I am elderly and everything hurts. Cindy’s massage has helped me through hip and knee replacement, open heart surgery, and arthritis. I highly recommend her!”  – Dorothy 90

“With Cindy’s professional knowledge of the muscles and what the body needs to perform at its optimum level, she has in turn, provided me with the skills I need to understand and listen to my own body.”  – Lisa 39

“My back was hurting me from my heavy backpack and my high school sports. Cindy’s massage has helped me tremendously to relieve my pain.”  – Marisa 15

“I do very little for myself, but I have a full-time plus job, a home business and children, and my massages with Cindy are critical to my physical and mental well-being. I don’t look at it as a treat but as a necessity because of the benefits I receive from the massages. It is not always easy to fit it in, but I make it a priority.”  – Terri 48

“Although physical therapy was very helpful with strengthening my muscles, nothing has been as effective in dealing with the pain, increasing my mobility, and general healing as Cindy’s deep tissue massage.”  – Marina 52

“I have been seeing Cindy since she started her practice. She has helped me to have better awareness of my body and helped me to improve my overall health. Her knowledge and passion for her work make her an incredible healer of both body and spirit.”  – Patsy 33

“Although I could only afford to see her once a month, I found considerable relief in my hips, which in turn improved my walking.”  – Barbara 75

“Consider yourself fortunate to have an hour with Cindy. There is probably no muscle in your body that she can’t make feel better. I have been with her every week for the past 8 years.She keeps me mobile.”  – Pat 84

“I have been going to Cindy for 3 years. As a century bike ride competitor I’ve learned to schedule a massage with her the same day to eliminate the days of soreness that used to follow the race. Any athlete out there would benefit from her massages, either after a competition or as maintenance between, as well as injury prevention.”  – Julia 54